Upgraded support for NoSQL and Hadoop distributions

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Release Notes

Talend Open Studio for Big Data
Installation and Upgrade
Talend Studio
  1. New versions of the following Hadoop distributions are supported:

    • Cloudera 5.4 (YARN)

    • MapR 4.1.0 (YARN)

    • Hortonworks Data Platform V2.2

    • EMR Apache 2.4.0 and EMR 4.0.0 (Apache 2.6.0)

  2. Cassandra:

    Cassandra CQL3 and the Datastax API are now available to the Cassandra components.

  3. MongoDB:

    • MongoDB 3.0.X. is supported

    • The MongoDB components now support more operations such as "Bulk write" or "Write concern" and have been enabled to work with different authentication mechanisms including Kerberos and SCRAM-SHA1.