What's new in Fall '17

What's new in Fall '17

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This technical note highlights the important new features and capabilities of Talend Fall ’17, a 100% Cloud release that delivers Data Preparation on Cloud and brings enhancements to Talend Integration Cloud.

Please refer to the http://www.talend.com product pages for more detail, and visit https://integrationcloud.talend.com for a free 30-day trial.

All Talend Integration Cloud subscriptions include two free user licenses for Data Preparation Cloud.

Talend Data Preparation Cloud

Talend Fall ’17 introduces Talend Data Preparation Cloud as our first cloud application running on top of our cloud platform, Talend Integration Cloud, and managed by Talend.

Talend Data Preparation Cloud is an always-on and easy, secure and governed self-service data preparation tool that any user can consume as a service in order to access, cleanse, format, combine and ingest data.

As a hosted solution there is zero install, upgrade and maintenance to perform, meaning you can be up-and-running in seconds. Business users can focus on accelerating and improving analytics, insights and decisions, while central organizations such as the IT department define the rules and policies for data accessibility and governance.

Key features include:

  • Data discovery and profiling
  • Cleansing, standardizing and shaping
  • Enriching and connecting datasets
  • Operationalizing Data Preparation
In addition to enabling data preparation in a cloud environment, Talend Data Preparation Cloud also comes with some specific new features of its own, including the ability to create Live datasets using Talend Integration Cloud Flows to retrieve data samples from Talend Jobs that were published to the Cloud.

Data Preparation Cloud helps IT change its role to become enablers rather than doers, letting anyone in the organization be data-driven: helping business users do their job by allowing them to log into a web-based solution, providing them with tools for collaboration, supporting data governance policies while still handling the most complex data connectivity and data integration challenges.

Business users may have self-service access to data such as Salesforce and Amazon S3 data, or IT can grant them access to sanctioned data coming from SaaS apps, cloud databases, or even on-premises sources (called a Live dataset). Business users then design preparations where some sensitive data can be masked to particular users, then export the outcome themselves through self-service connectors or share the preparation with IT, who captures their data expertise and operationalizes it to automate integration. All along the way, the process is monitored by IT and data usage is governed.

What's more, Talend Data Preparation Cloud is backed up by Talend Integration Cloud (iPaaS) and inherits Talend's unique multi-cloud and on-premises connectivity to over 900 data sources, from Excel to Tableau, Salesforce to Marketo, and Azure to Google Cloud Platform.

Talend Integration Cloud

Talend Fall '17 also brings several new features to Talend Integration Cloud. Major additions include portal-based access to data apps, the introduction of the new Talend Management Console (described below) which facilitates developer collaboration with its project management capabilities, and a new user interface and user experience.

For existing customers who use Talend Administration Center to manage their projects, a migration tool is provided to help move to Talend Management Console.

The Fall '17 release of Talend Integration Cloud lets you create Flows from Talend Studio Jobs, making it easier to leverage existing Jobs.

You can execute Jobs and Flows on a Cloud or Remote Engine, and you can schedule their execution with Execution Plans or explicitly trigger them via Webhooks, all of which provides greater flexibility in terms of how and when you run your Jobs and Flows.

Talend Fall '17 also makes it possible to implement a Software Development Life Cycle policy.

Talend Management Console

As a new part of the Talend Integration Cloud platform, Talend Management Console provides a centralized user, project and license management tool for Talend applications.

Talend Management Console lets you create and manage users and groups, and create and set permissions for application roles.

Talend Management Console enables you to create and manage Git projects from a web-based interface.

You can also migrate users, groups, Git projects, and authorizations from Talend Administration Center (version 5.6 or later).