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Bridge Specifications

Vendor Tableau
Tool Name Tableau
Tool Version 8.x to 2019.x
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Business Intelligence] BI Report (Relational Source, Expression Parsing, Report Structure) via XML File

Export tool: Tableau Tableau 8.x to 2019.x (
Export interface: [Business Intelligence] BI Report (Relational Source, Expression Parsing, Report Structure) via XML File to Tableau (File)
Export bridge: 'Tableau' 11.0.0

This bridge generates .tds Data Source XML files.

This bridge converts a Data Model into multiple Tableau files.
- if the model is using dimensional modeling notation (tables marked as Fact, Dimension or Outrigger), it will generate one Tableau Data Source file representing each star, centered on a Fact table, with its connected Dimension tables around it.
- if the model is not using dimensional modeling notation, it will split the model and generate one file per schema, and for each island of tables connected by Foreign Keys.

If such Data Source files already exist in the target directory, the bridge can update such DataSources and add descriptions as well as business names from the source model.
In such update mode, the bridge uses the file name as identifier of the fact or dimension table to match with in the model.

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Directory Specify an empty directory here, to generate new Data Source files, or a directory with existing .tds files to update.

These data source files can then be opened with the Tableau Desktop application where user can either:
- Publish them to a Tableau Server
- Connect a data source to the actual data, build a report and make it embedded.

For more information about published and embedded datasources please refer to:
DIRECTORY     Mandatory


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available