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Bridge Requirements

This bridge:
  • is only supported on Microsoft Windows.

Bridge Specifications

Vendor Microsoft
Tool Name Visual Studio / Modeler 2.0 (MDL)
Tool Version 2.0
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Object Modeling] Data Store (Object Model UML Class Diagrams) via MDL File
Multi-Model Harvesting
Incremental Harvesting
Data Profiling
Remote Repository Browsing for Model Selection

Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio / Modeler 2.0 (MDL) version 2.0 via MDL File
Metadata: [Object Modeling] Data Store (Object Model UML Class Diagrams)
Bridge: IbmRationalRose98Import.MicrosoftVisualStudioModeler version 11.0.0

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Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
File The bridge imports metadata from Rational Rose native MDL files.

When a model is currently loaded in IBM Rational Rose:

1. Choose Save As from the File menu.

2. Type the file name for the model you are saving in the File Name text
box (eventually press the browse button to select a specific directory).

3. Click Save.
FILE *.mdl   Mandatory
Persistence based design level Specify if the persistence property of a UML class will be used to set its design level.

A transient class will be logical only

A persistent class will be logical and physical
BOOLEAN   False  
Select Object Model data types Import attribute or argument types in either 'Rose C++', 'Rose Java' or 'Rose for Oracle 8.x' format.The default, 'Auto Detect', allows to automatically convert the types according to the best available mapping ENUMERATED
Auto Detect
Rose C++
Rose Java
Rose for Oracle 8.x
Auto Detect  
Local CAT file When set to 'True' indicates to search for the .CAT files in the same directory as the .MDL file. BOOLEAN   False  
Exploit the DDL ColumnType information When available extract the attribute type information from the Rose model's DDL Column Type value BOOLEAN   False  
List of propertytool Enter a list of tools separated by commas to be imported as 'User Defined Property' (UDP) objects.

e.g.: ToolA,ToolB,ToolC
Import UDPs A 'User Defined Property' (UDP) is usually defined with a property definition object that has a default value. The objects the property applies to may also specify an explicit value for this property, or no value at all in which case the default value of the property definition applies.

This option allows you to control how property definitions and values are imported:

By default, the bridge imports the property definition as a 'Property Type'.

'As metadata' - Import an explicit value as 'Property Value', implicit values are not imported, the default value is kept on the 'Property Type' only. This is the default behavior.

'As metadata, migrate default values' - Import explicit and implicit values as 'Property Value objects'.

'In description, migrate default values' - Append the property name and value, even if implicit, to the object's description property only. This allows you to export the UDP values to another tool which does not support the notion of UDP.

'Both, migrate default values' - Import the UDP value, even if implicit, both as metadata and in the object's description.
As metadata
As metadata, migrate default values
In description, migrate default values
Both, migrate default values
As metadata  
Encoding Specifies the character set encoding of the model to be imported or exported:

If there are multiple choices for a language, the actual encoding will be indicated between parentheses.

The default is 'Western European (Windows 1252)' on Windows and 'Western European (ISO 8859-1)' on other platforms.
Central and Eastern European (iso-8859-2)
Central and Eastern European (windows-1250)
Chinese Traditional (big5)
Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
Cyrillic (iso-8859-5)
Cyrillic (windows-1251)
DOS (ibm-850)
Greek (iso-8859-7)
Greek (windows-1253)
Hebrew (iso-8859-8)
Hebrew (windows-1255)
Japanese (shift_jis)
Korean (ks_c_5601-1987)
Thai (TIS620)
Thai (windows-874)
Turkish (iso-8859-9)
Turkish (windows-1254)
UTF 8 (utf-8)
UTF 16 (utf-16)
Western European (iso-8859-1)
Western European (iso-8859-15)
Western European (windows-1252)
Locale encoding
No encoding conversion


Bridge Mapping

Meta Integration Repository (MIR)
(based on the OMG CWM standard)
"Microsoft Visual Studio / Modeler 2.0 (via MDL)"
Mapping Comments
Name Name  
Argument Argument  
Name Name  
Position   Order in the Rose file
Association Association/Aggregation  
Aggregation Aggregation  
Description Documentation  
ExtraConstraint Constraint  
Name Name  
Stereotype Stereotype  
AssociationRole Association Role  
CppContainment Containment  
CppFriend Friend  
CppScope Export Control  
CppStatic Static  
Description Documentation  
ExtraConstraint Constraint  
Multiplicity Cardinality-A/Cardianality-B  
Name Role A/Role B  
Navigable Directed  
Source   based on the multiplicity of each role
CppContainment Containment  
CppDerived Derived  
CppScope Scope  
CppStatic Static  
Description Documentation  
InitialValue Initial Value  
Name Name  
Optional Nullable  
Position   Order in the Rose file
Stereotype Stereotype  
BaseType Attribute  
DataType Type See datatype conversion array
Length Length  
Name   based on the data type
PhysicalName   based on the data type
Class Class Class, Parametrized Class, Instanciated Class, Class Utility, Parametrized Class Utility, Instanciated Class utility, Meta Class, Interface
CppAbstract Abstract  
CppClassType Type  
CppConcurrency Concurrency  
CppMultiplicity Cardinality  
CppPersistent Persistence  
CppScope Export Control  
CppSpace Space  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Stereotype Stereotype  
ClassDiagram Class Diagram  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Dependency Dependency  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Stereotype Stereotype  
DerivedType Attribute, Enumeration Class  
DataType Data Type See datatype conversion array. Undefined for Class of kind ENUM
Length Length  
Name Type Name/Class Name  
PhysicalName Data Type/Class Name  
UserDefined   True
DesignPackage Package  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Stereotype Stereotype  
UserDefined   set to TRUE
Generalization Inheritance Relationship  
CppFriend Friend  
CppScope Export Control  
CppVirtual Virtual  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Stereotype Stereotype  
GeneralizationRole Inheritance Relationship  
Note Note  
Operation Operation  
CppAbstract Abstract  
CppConcurrency Concurrency  
CppFriend Friend  
CppScope Export Control  
CppStatic Static  
CppVirtual Virtual  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Postcondition Postcondition  
Precondition Precondition  
Semantics Semantics  
Stereotype Stereotype  
Realization Realization  
Description Documentation  
Name Name  
Stereotype Stereotype  
SQLViewAssociation   SQLViewAssociation
SQLViewAttribute   SQLViewAttribute
SQLViewEntity   SQLViewEntity
StoreModel   The model is built using the elements contained in the Rose file
Name   Computed from the Rose file name.
TypeValue Enumeration Class  
Name Value Value of each separated fields
Position   Order in the Enum statement
Value Value Value of each separated fields