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Bridge Requirements

This bridge:
  • is only supported on Microsoft Windows.

Bridge Specifications

Vendor CA technologies
Tool Name COOL:Biz
Tool Version 5.1
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Data Modeling] Data Store (Logical Data Model) via EXP Export File
Incremental Harvesting
Multi-Model Harvesting
Remote Repository Browsing for Model Selection
Data Profiling

Import tool: CA technologies COOL:Biz 5.1 (
Import interface: [Data Modeling] Data Store (Logical Data Model) via EXP Export File from CA COOL:Biz 5.1 Import bridge: 'CaAdwImport.CaCoolBiz' 10.1.0

Q: The bridge asks for a single path, however since the model is located in 4 different files, what should I provide as a pathname?
A: In the 'From' text box you can either enter the path of the directory containing the .exp files or the path of one of the .exp files.n

Q: How do I create the .exp files:
A: Creating the .exp export files:
- From COOL:Enterprise (ADW): refer to the documentation.
- From COOL:Biz:
o Open your model (BML files) in the COOL:Biz 'Model Manager',
o Select the 'SystemPackages' folder,
o Click on 'Export to COOL:Enterprise' in the 'Data Transfer' main menu,
o You should now be able to set the names of the EXP export files.

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Directory Refer to the COOL:Enterprise (ADW) documentation for creating the files to be imported. The bridge will use the generated .exp files as input. Note that the bridge expects the files to be named OI.exp, AI.exp, PI.exp and TI.exp (or xxxxxxOI.exp ...). DIRECTORY     Mandatory
User defined types Import the Types as user-defined types (also called Domains). By default, the type information is semantically associated to the attribute BOOLEAN   False  
Check datatype of attributes in key Do not put attributes whose datatype is undefined in a Primary key. By default, only attributes with a known datatype are set in a Primary key BOOLEAN   True  
Encoding Specifies the character set encoding of the model to be imported or exported. If there are multiple choices for a language, the actual encoding will be indicated between parentheses. The default is 'Western European (Windows 1252)' on Windows and 'Western European (ISO 8859-1)' on other platforms. ENUMERATED
Central and Eastern European (iso-8859-2)
Central and Eastern European (windows-1250)
Chinese Traditional (big5)
Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
Cyrillic (iso-8859-5)
Cyrillic (windows-1251)
DOS (ibm-850)
Greek (iso-8859-7)
Greek (windows-1253)
Hebrew (iso-8859-8)
Hebrew (windows-1255)
Japanese (shift_jis)
Korean (ks_c_5601-1987)
Thai (TIS620)
Thai (windows-874)
Turkish (iso-8859-9)
Turkish (windows-1254)
UTF 8 (utf-8)
UTF 16 (utf-16)
Western European (iso-8859-1)
Western European (iso-8859-15)
Western European (windows-1252)
Locale encoding
No encoding conversion


Bridge Mapping

Meta Integration Repository (MIR)
(based on the OMG CWM standard)
"CA COOL:Biz 5.1"
Mapping Comments
Association From-To Relationship  
Aggregation   True when the association is part of an identifier
Description Description + Comments  
AssociationRole Roles  
Multiplicity From-to Maximum + From-to Miminum  
Name To-from Name / From-to Name  
Source   Based on the multiplicity of each role
Attribute Attribute Type  
Description Description + Comments  
Name Name  
Optional   False is attribute is part of a primary key, True otherwise
Position Position in ETD  
BaseType Information Type All derived types will be linked to an "undefined" BaseType.
DataType   See datatype conversion array
Name   Based on the datatype
PhysicalName   Derived from the datatype
CandidateKey Attribute (identifier property) Attribute Type that describes the Entity Type and parts of an association
UniqueKey   True
Class Entity Type  
CppClassType   Set to ENTITY
CppPersistent   Set to True
Description Description + Comments  
Name Name  
ClassDiagram Subject Area  
Description Description + Comments  
Name Name  
DerivedType Information Type, Value Set  
DataType Data Type See datatype conversion array
Description Description + Comments  
Length Precision, Maximum length  
LowerBound Minimum Range  
Name Name  
PhysicalName   Derived from the datatype
Scale Fractional Precision  
UpperBound Maximum Range  
UserDefined   Based on bridge option
Description Description + Comments  
Name Name  
ForeignKey   Based on Primary Key and association role
Index   Associated with each key
IndexMember   Associated with each attribute in a key
Position   Computed
StoreModel Hierarchy of subject areas The model is built using the elements contained in the ADW file
Name   Derived from the ADW file name
TypeValue Value  
Name Name  
Value Sequence Number