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You can remove all the empty and invalid entries from a dataset in one go.

As you can see in the quality bar under each column, the customer_contact_data.csv contains several rows with either empty or invalid cells. You are going to delete all these rows. Using the quality bar is a quick way of removing empty and invalid records for a given column, but you want to perform this on the whole dataset.


  1. Click the white menu icon on the top left of the grid.
  2. Select Display rows with invalid or empty values.

    You have actually applied a filter on your data, and only the empty and invalid values present in the dataset are displayed.

  3. In the functions panel, type Delete these filtered rows and click the result to apply the associated function.

    Make sure that the Filtered rows radio button is selected in front of the Apply changes to field.

    The rows containing empty or invalid entries are removed from the dataset.

  4. Click the bin icon in the filter bar to clear the filter and display the whole dataset again.


All the rows containing empty records are removed from the dataset and the quality bar under each column is now fully green.