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  1. Browse to the container/bin folder of the Talend Runtime installation directory, then launch the container by executing the trun file as root.
  2. To install the wrapper feature, type:
    karaf@trun> feature:install wrapper
    Once installed, wrapper feature will provide wrapper:install new command in the trun, which allows you to install Talend Runtime as a service.
  3. To install the service, type in the following command:
    karaf@trun> wrapper:install
    Alternatively, to register the container as a service in automatic start mode, simply type:
    karaf@trun> wrapper:install -s AUTO_START -n TALEND-CONTAINER -d Talend-Container -D "Talend Container Service"
    where TALEND-CONTAINER is the name of the service, Talend-Container is the display name of the service and "Talend Container Service" is the description of the service.
    Here is an example of wrapper:install command executed on Linux:
    karaf@trun()> feature:install wrapper
    karaf@trun()> wrapper:install -s AUTO_START -n TALEND-CONTAINER \
    -d Talend-Container -D "Talend Container Service"
    Creating file: <TalendRuntimePath>/bin/TALEND-CONTAINER-wrapper
    Creating file: <TalendRuntimePath>/bin/TALEND-CONTAINER-service
    Creating file: <TalendRuntimePath>/etc/TALEND-CONTAINER-wrapper.conf
    Creating file: <TalendRuntimePath>/lib/
    Creating file: <TalendRuntimePath>/lib/karaf-wrapper.jar
    Creating file: <TalendRuntimePath>/lib/karaf-wrapper-main.jar
    Setup complete. You may want to tweak the JVM properties in the wrapper
    configuration file:
    before installing and starting the service.


The wrapper files are installed, you now have to install the Talend Runtime service.