Installing Talend Artifact Repository - 6.5

Talend Data Services Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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  1. Unzip the Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D.E archive file in a dedicated folder.
  2. Add the execution rights to the relevant files using the following commands:
    $ chmod 755 bin/nexus
    $ chmod 755 bin/jsw/linux-ppc-64/*
    $ chmod 755 bin/jsw/linux-x86-32/*
    $ chmod 755 bin/jsw/linux-x86-64/*
    $ chmod 755 bin/jsw/macosx-universal-32/*
    $ chmod 755 bin/jsw/macosx-universal-64/*
  3. Launch the Talend Artifact Repository instance using the command console.
    If you installed Talend Artifact Repository as a service, run the start command to launch it.
  4. Log in the Talend Artifact Repository Web application (default login information: admin/Talend123). Make sure you have the relevant rights to access the releases and snapshots repositories.