Migrating from Talend Data Stewardship 6.3.x installed with an external MongoDB - 6.4

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If you have installed and used Talend Dictionary Service to create custom semantic types or update the predefined ones, you must migrate Talend Dictionary Service before migrating Talend Data Stewardship. See Migrating from Talend Dictionary Service version 6.3.x to 6.4.x.

Before you begin:

  • You have downloaded Talend Data Stewardship 6.4.

  1. Stop your instances of Talend Data Stewardship 6.3 but keep MongoDB running.

  2. Backup your MongoDB, while it is still running, using the following command:

    <mongo_path>/bin/mongodump -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -u <mongo_tds_username> -p <mongo_tds_password> -d <mongo_tds_database> -o <backup_location>

    For more information; see the MongoDB documentation.

  3. Stop your MongoDB instance.

  4. Install MongoDB 3.4.2 and start it.

    Talend Data Stewardship 6.4 uses the 3.4.2 version of MongoDB.

  5. Restore MongoDB, open a command prompt window and execute the following command:

    <mongo_path>/bin/mongorestore -h <mongo_host>:<mongo_port> -u <mongo_tds_username> -p <mongo_tds_password> -d <mongo_tds_database> <backup_location>

  6. Install Talend Data Stewardship 6.4 with an external MongoDB and configure it with the same settings as your 6.3 instance, especially the links to your Talend Administration Center and point to MongoDB 3.4.2.

    For more information about the Talend Data Stewardship installation and configuration procedures, see the Talend Installation Guide.

  7. If you have performed any custom configuration to the 6.3 version of the <Data_Stewardship_Path>/conf/data-stewardship.properties file, you can port them to the 6.4 version of the file.

  8. Start Talend Data Stewardship 6.4.

You are now ready to use Talend Data Stewardship 6.4, and you can uninstall Talend Data Stewardship 6.3.