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You need to fill the minimum hardware and software requirements to use the product.

For the standard Windows and Mac installation, no additional software is required. Everything is included out of the box.

The table below describes the hardware requirements.


64-bit processor is required (Note: 32-bit is not supported)

Allocated memory

1GB minimum

Disk space

500MB minimum + datasets = 5GB+ recommended

The table below describes the software requirements.

Operating system

Windows 7 64-bits or more recent

Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" or more recent

The table below describes the compatible Web browsers.

Mozilla Firefox / Firefox ESR

Latest version

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge

Latest version

Apple Safari


Google Chrome

Latest version

There are no specific Java requirements for most of Windows and Apple computers. However, if you want to install the Apache version of Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop, you must have Oracle Java 8 64-bit installed on your computer. The default Windows 32-bits version is not supported, only the 64-bit version is.