Scenario 1: warning & log on entries - 6.1

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In this basic scenario made of three components, a tRowGenerator creates random entries (id to be incremented). The input hits a tWarn component which triggers the tLogCatcher subjob. This subjob fetches the warning message as well as standard predefined information and passes them on to the tLogRow for a quick display of the log data.

  • Drop a tRowGenerator, a tWarn, a tLogCatcher and a tLogRow from the Palette, on your design workspace

  • Connect the tRowGenerator to the tWarn component.

  • Connect separately the tLogCatcher to the tLogRow.

  • On the tRowGenerator editor, set the random entries creation using a basic function:

  • On the tWarn Component view, set your warning message, the code the priority level. In this case, the message is "this is a warning'.

  • For this scenario, we will concatenate a function to the message above, in order to collect the first value from the input table.

  • On the Basic settings view of tLogCatcher, select the tWarn check box in order for the message from the latter to be collected by the subjob.

  • Click Edit Schema to view the schema used as log output. Notice that the log is comprehensive.

Press F6 to execute the Job. Notice that the Log produced is exhaustive.