Scenario: Creating a rule in a given cube - 6.1

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The Job in this scenario creates a rule applied on dimensions of a given cube.

To replicate this scenario, proceed as follows:

Setting up the DB connection

  1. Drop tPaloRule from the component Palette onto the design workspace.

  2. Double-click the tPaloRule component to open its Component view.

  3. In the Host name field, type in the host name or the IP address of the host server, localhost for this example.

  4. In the Server Port field, type in the listening port number of the Palo server. In this scenario, it is 7777.

  5. In the Username field and the Password field, type in the authentication information. In this example, both of them are admin.

  6. In the Database field, type in the database name in which the dimensions applying the created rules reside, Biker in this example.

  7. In the Cube field, type in the name of the cube which the dimensions applying the created rules belong to, for example, Orders.

Setting the Cube rules

  1. Under the Cube rules table, click the plus button to add a new row.

  2. In the Cube rules table, type in ['2009'] = 123 in the Definition column, OrderRule1 in the External Id column and Palo Demo Rules in the Comment column.

  3. In the Activated column, select the check box.

  4. In the Action column, select Create from the drop-down list.

Job execution

Press F6 to run the Job.

The new rule has been created and the value of every 2009 element is 123.