Scenario 2: Levenshtein distance of 1 or 2 in first names - 6.1

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This scenario is based on the scenario described above. Only the minimum and maximum distance settings in the tFuzzyMatch component are modified, which will change the output displayed.

  1. In the Component view of the tFuzzyMatch, change the minimum distance from 0 to 1. This excludes straight away the exact matches (which would show a distance of 0).

  2. Change also the maximum distance to 2. The output will provide all matching entries showing a discrepancy of 2 characters at most.

    No other changes are required.

  3. Make sure the Matching item separator is defined, as several references might be matching the main flow entry.

  4. Save the new Job and press F6 to run it.

    As the edit distance has been set to 2, some entries of the main flow match more than one reference entry.

You can also use another method, the metaphone, to assess the distance between the main flow and the reference, which will be described in the next scenario.