Scenario 2: Gathering erroneous data while inserting data into a Salesforce object - 6.4


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In this scenario, the account data in a local file SalesforceAccount.txt is inserted into the Salesforce Account object, and both the inserted data and the erroneous data are collected and displayed on the console.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The content of the input file SalesforceAccount.txt is as follows:

Burlington Textiles Corp of America;;(336) 222-7000;(336) 222-8000
Dickenson plc;; (785) 241-6200;(785) 241-6201
GenePoint;;(650) 867-3450;(650) 867-9895
Edge Communications;talend;(512) 757-6000;(512) 757-9000
Grand Hotels & Resorts Ltd;talend;(312) 596-1000;(312) 596-1500