Configuring Talend Data Stewardship

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This section contains information on how to secure connections for Talend Data Stewardship and how to configure the application logs.

Securing connections for Talend Data Stewardship

To secure connections between Talend Data Stewardship, the MongoDB server and Apache Kafka, you need to edit the file.

Note that securing the MongoDB connection is not possible if you select the embedded MongoDB instance during the installation process. If you want to secure connections with MongoDB using SSL, MongoDB Enterprise Server has to be manually installed on your machine. For more information, see

  1. Open the <Data_Stewardship_Path>/config/ file.

  2. To trust the server certificate used by Talend Data Stewardship, edit the following lines:

  3. By default, Talend Data Stewardship will not verify that the hostname matches the certificate common name.

    To enable this verification, change the value of the following field to true:

  4. To allow Talend Data Stewardship to use private key authentication, edit the following lines:

  5. To secure connections with MongoDB, edit the following lines:<path_to_truststore><truststore_password>
  6. To secure connections with Kafka using communication encryption only, edit the following lines:
  7. To secure connections with Kafka using authentication, edit the following lines:


    Note that the communication encryption parameters must also be defined to use authentication.

  8. Change the services URLs from http to https:


Talend Data Stewardship only supports the Java Key Store (.jks) format to store keys and certificates.

To enable HTTPS support on Tomcat, see

To enable SSL support on MongoDB, see

To enable SSL support on Kafka, see

Configuring logs for Talend Data Stewardship

Talend Data Stewardship logs allows you to analyze and debug the activity of Talend Data Stewardship.

Talend Data Stewardship logs are located in <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/logs.

The catalina.out file is an aggregated version of all the available log files.

To configure the information level of your log files, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the following files:

    • <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/conf/data-stewardship-core-logback.xml for the core backend service log

    • <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/conf/data-stewardship-history-logback.xml for the history service log

    • <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/conf/data-stewardship-schema-logback.xml for the schemas management service log

  2. Add the following line before the <root> element: <logger name="org.talend" level="DEBUG"/>.

    The log information level is now set to DEBUG, but you can set it to another value. For more information on log levels, see