License key - 6.1

Talend Data Services Platform Installation Guide

Talend Data Services Platform
Installation and Upgrade
Talend Activity Monitoring Console
Talend Administration Center
Talend Artifact Repository
Talend CommandLine
Talend DQ Portal
Talend ESB
Talend Identity Management
Talend Installer
Talend JobServer
Talend Log Server
Talend Project Audit
Talend Repository Manager
Talend Runtime
Talend SAP RFC Server
Talend Studio

You should have received an email from Talend, including the following information:

  • your personal license key in a file with no extension:

    The license key is mandatory to be able to access each module of Talend. Keep this file at hand in a safe place.

    For more information on how to use your license key, see Configuring the Web application access and Installing the Talend Studio.


    The availability of different perspectives in the Studio you want to install and use depends on your license or on the type of the remote project to which you connect. For further information on licenses and perspectives in the Studio, see the appropriate Administrator or User Guide.

  • the software parts in archive files:

    Unzip each archive file at the root or in a short path of the machine where they are to be deployed (Talend Studio on a developer's machine and Talend Administration Center on the execution server for example).

    If you are on Windows, we recommend that you use 7-zip to unzip files, as it handles long file names well.

  • the documentation (including the one you are reading now):

    Each module of Talend has a dedicated Administrator or User Guide available in pdf.