Managing the database parameters - 6.1

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The configuration parameters are stored in the database, except for the parameters related to the Talend Administration Center database that are stored in the following file:


The database-related passwords are encrypted at start up, when this file is parsed and loaded in the database.

For more information on the other configuration parameters you can edit, see Advanced configuration.

Change the encrypted default account password

  1. Open the file to edit it.

  2. Note that the encrypted password is followed by: ",Encrypt"

    Remove all that is after the = sign, including ",Encrypt", and type in the new password of the default account.

  3. Save your changes and close the file. At next startup, the password will be encrypted in the database and the file will be updated with this encrypted password.

Change the default password used to configure the database

If you want to change the admin default password that allows you to change the database configuration, do the following:

  1. Scroll down the file until you find the database.config.password parameter.

  2. Change the admin default password to a more individual and secure password.