Installing Talend Data Quality Portal - 6.1

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Using Talend Installer is the recommended way to install Talend Data Quality Portal but you can perform a manual installation if needed.

Please note that Linux users can perform this installation with the help of the script that is located at the root of the application archive. Therefore, the following sections apply for Windows users.


If you answer yes to the last question of the script which is 'start tomcat?', the HSQL database is started automatically. However, the next time you want to start Talend Data Quality Portal, you will have to manually start the HSQL database first from the database folder of Tomcat.


  • If you use MySQL, the my.ini file of your MySQL server installation directory must be edited in order to increase the size of query packets processed by the server. For more details, please see Table 13, "Talend Data Quality Portal".

  • The talend_dq database exists and is correctly initialized: it contains tables such as the TDQ_PRODUCT table. The database can have another name set by the user in the Studio. Use the same name in the Portal configuration (in the server.xml file). See Editing the servertemplate file for more information.

  • The file has been downloaded and unzipped.

  • The drivers (.jar files) corresponding to your Talend Data Quality Portal configuration database are downloaded.