Installing and configuring Talend ESB - 6.1

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Talend ESB is provided to you through a zip file named Talend-ESB-VA.B.C. To install Talend ESB on your server machines, unzip the file.

Talend ESB package contains the following ready-to-be-used tools:

  • Talend ESB Container (based on Apache Karaf)

  • Apache ActiveMQ

  • Service Locator (based on Apache Zookeeper)

  • Service Activity Monitoring

  • Security Token Service

  • Service Registry, XKMS, Event Logging. For more information, see the Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide.

Note about the start commands: Instead of the individual start commands that you can find in the following sections, you can also use: tesb:start-all in the container, which starts all the Infrastructure Services, except the Event Logging features which have to be started individually with the tesb:start-el-default command.

For more information about the Infrastructure Services, see the Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide.

For more information about the logging modules and the advanced configuration of those Services, see Installing and configuring the Talend logging modules and Talend ESB Container Administration Guide.