Installing the Talend products for the first time - 6.1

Talend Data Services Platform Installation Guide

Talend Data Services Platform
Installation and Upgrade
Talend Activity Monitoring Console
Talend Administration Center
Talend Artifact Repository
Talend CommandLine
Talend DQ Portal
Talend ESB
Talend Identity Management
Talend Installer
Talend JobServer
Talend Log Server
Talend Project Audit
Talend Repository Manager
Talend Runtime
Talend SAP RFC Server
Talend Studio

We strongly encourage you to read Prior to installing the Talend products and Introducing the Talend products before starting this chapter.

This chapter details the procedures required to install each part of the Talend products.

The following parts usually need to be installed in the following order:

  1. Git or SVN Server, see Setting up your Repository on Git or SVN.

  2. Application server (Tomcat or JBoss), see Deploying Talend Administration Center on Tomcat.

  3. Talend logging modules, see Installing and configuring the Talend logging modules.

  4. High Availability, see Configuring High Availability for task execution scheduling.

  5. Administration center Web application, see Configuring Talend Administration Center.

  6. Studio, see Installing and configuring the Talend Studio.

  7. CommandLine, see Installing CommandLine.

  8. Talend ESB, see Installing and configuring Talend ESB.

  9. Nexus Artifact Repository, see Installing and configuring the Nexus artifact repository.

  10. Jobservers or "agents", see Installing and configuring JobServers.

  11. Talend Runtime container, see Installing Talend Runtime.

  12. Talend Data Quality Portal, see Installing Talend Data Quality Portal.

  13. Talend RFC Server, see Installing and configuring Talend SAP RFC Server.

  14. Activity Monitoring Console web application, see Installing the Talend Activity Monitoring Console web application.

  15. JBoss Business Rules Management System, see Configuring the Drools Business Rules Management System (BRMS) in Talend Administration Center.

  16. Data Stewardship Console as a standalone application (optional), see Installing the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console (optional).


In the following documentation, <TomcatPath> designates the Tomcat installation path and <ApplicationPath> designates the directory in <TomcatPath>/Webapps where Talend Administration Center war file has been deployed.