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To install JobServer as a service on Windows, follow the procedure below.

For a JobServer installed on 64-bit Windows, use jsl_static64.exe in place of jsl.exe in the relevant following procedure steps.

  1. Open a CMD window in Administrator mode and browse to the conf directory of your JobServer installation directory.

  2. Execute the command:

    jsl.exe -debug

  3. Stop execution by pressing Ctrl+C.

  4. In the CMD window, execute the following command 

    jsl.exe -install

    The Talend JobServer service is created and can be viewed by selecting Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services in the Start Menu of Windows.

    Note that, when shutting down or rebooting Windows, the JobServer service does not stop. In order to avoid issues during start-up, you need to stop the service before shutting down or rebooting your machine.

To remove the service you can enter the following command in the same command window:

jsl.exe -remove