Setting up your Repository on Git or SVN - 6.1

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This section describes how to install the Git or SVN server. This server will store all your project data (Jobs, Database connections, Routines, Joblets, etc.) in the shared Repository of the Talend Studio.

The installation instructions for Subversion will differ depending on:

  • your development environment,

  • the access method,

  • the authentication mode.

The access methods and authentication modes to the Subversion server include:

  • Apache, a Web server and can be used to access a Subversion repository. Only the authenticated access is documented here.

    Note that VisualSVN has both Apache and Subversion embedded, and that the Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM) method is not supported in it.

  • SSH, another method for accessing a Subversion repository. Authentication is mandatory and brings a higher level of security thanks to encrypted communication.

Choose the procedure that is most relevant to your environment among the following instruction sections. These sections are independent from each other.

If you want to use Git, see Installing and configuring Git.