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To install CommandLine as a service on Linux:

  1. Create an executable from which commandline can be run in the directory /usr/bin.

    To do this, you need to create two files, commandline_start and commandline_stop containing the following:

    For commandline_start:

    cd <CommandLinePath>
    nohup sh


    The path <CommandLinePath> should be absolute.

    For commandline_stop:

    (echo stopServer ; sleep 2) | telnet localhost 8002
  2. Ensure that the two files above are executable. To do this, you can execute the two commands below in the /usr/bin directory:

    # chmod +x /usr/bin/commandline_start
    # chmod +x /usr/bin/commandline_stop

  3. Paste the sh file: /<CommandLinePath> /addons/scripts/talend_commandline into the directory: /etc/init.d in order to create the service related to the two executables above.

  4. Make the file executable using:

    # chmod +x /etc/init.d/talend_commandline_commandline

  5. Execute the following command:

    # update-rc.d talend_commandline_commandline defaults 60

Now you have created the service, related to the two executable files commandline_start and commandline_stop.