Defining a workflow in the Merging campaign - 6.3

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Workflows control the transitioning of tasks from one state to another in a campaign and are composed of an initial and an end states by default. Workflows determines which states are available to what data stewards.

The last step in adding the campaign is to define how data stewards can collaborate to resolve the campaign tasks, that is which stewards can access which task state or transition as part of the campaign workflow.

For the CRM Data Deduplication campaign, you want to dd a validation step to the two-state workflow. This enables the steward who is added in the TO VALIDATE field to validate the modifications done on the tasks and mark them as resolved.


  1. Click the switch next to Enable validation step to add a validation step.
  2. Click in the NEW field and select the roles, from those you defined in the Role section, for which you want to give access to the new tasks.
  3. Do the same in the TO VALIDATE and RESOLVED fields and decide what data stewards should have access to the tasks to be validated and to the resolved tasks, respectively.
    Data stewards who are assigned roles in the RESOLVED field can access the list of the resolved tasks. They can reopen one or more tasks and decide to send them back to the initial state or to the validation state, if the later is defined in the workflow.

    For further information, see Reopening tasks.

  4. Click ADD CAMPAIGN to create the campaign and save it on the server.

What to do next

  1. Use a Talend Job to write tasks into the new campaign.

    For further information, search for writing tasks in campaigns.

  2. Assign tasks to data stewardships.

  3. Start tasks resolution.

    For further information, see Handling merging tasks to deduplicate records.