Defining roles in the Arbitration campaign - 6.5

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Talend Data Stewardship

You need now to define roles in the campaign, group data stewards into the roles and assign them access rights. This decides the actions to be taken on data, which data stewards are part of the campaign and which data stewards can access which tasks and in what transition of the campaign workflow.

You can create and start a campaign without defining any roles and edit the campaign later to add the roles of your choice.


  1. In the home page, click ROLES > .
  2. Name the role NOMINATOR and click to save it.


    For this example only one role is needed as the workflow in the campaign will not have a validation step, but you can add as many roles to a campaign as needed.
  3. Click the field below the new role and select from the list the steward(s) who will decide what candidates to accept for the beta testing.