Configure Maven and Java Security Extension - 6.3

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  1. Update (or create if not present) your Maven repository settings.xml file for Maven deployment plugin authorization.

    Go to the .m2/settings.xml file of your operating system home directory (for Microsoft Windows, usually \Documents and Settings\<windows-user>; Linux would be /home/<user>) and add:

             <password>(defined in tomcat-users.xml configuration)</password>

    Where "tomcat" above is the name of the user you granted the managerial role(s) to in the previous section.

  2. Check if the Java Security Extension installed:

    To prevent the "Illegal key size or default parameters" exception, update your Java SDK by downloading the Java(TM) Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 6. Follow the README within that download for instructions on upgrading your JDK to support 256-bit encryption. (Another option is to reduce the encryption level of the sample to 128-bit by following the instructions in this sample's README file.) You can download the policy files from