How to access a Repository - 6.1

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Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
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When launching Talend Studio, you can connect to a local repository where you store the data for your projects, including Jobs and business models, metadata, routines, etc. You can also connect to a remote repository where you store the same type of data to work collaboratively on projects.

How to connect to a local repository

To set a connection to a local repository, do the following:

  1. On the login window of Talend Studio, click the Manage Connections button to open the repository connection setup dialog box.


    Depending on the Studio product you are using, the product information displayed in your Studio may differ slightly from what is shown above.

  2. If needed, type in a name and a description for your connection in the relevant fields.

  3. In the User E-mail field, type in the email address that will be used as your user login. This field is compulsory to be able to use Talend Studio.

    Be aware that the email entered is never used for purposes other than logging in.

  4. By default, the Workspace field shows the path to the current workspace directory which contains all of the folders belonging to the project created. To change the workspace directory, type in the name of an existing directory or click the [...] button next to the Workspace field and browse to your preferred workspace directory. Upon changing your workspace directory, unless it is the first startup, you need to restart your Talend Studio by clicking the Restart button back on the login window for your change to take effect.

    For more information about workspace directories, see Working with different workspace directories.

  5. Click OK to validate your changes and return to the login window.