Glossary - 6.1

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Getting Started Guide

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
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When working with Talend Studio and in order to understand its functional mechanism, it is important to understand some basic vocabulary.


A component is an executable part of a Job or Route used to connect to an external source or perform a specific data integration operation, no matter what data sources you are integrating: databases, applications, flat files, Web services, etc. A component can minimize the amount of hand-coding required to work on data from multiple, heterogeneous sources.

Components are grouped in families according to their usage and displayed in the Palette of the Integration perspective of Talend Studio.

For detailed information about components types and what they can be used for, see Talend Open Studio Components Reference Guide.


An item is the fundamental technical unit in a project. Items are grouped, according to their types, as: Job Design, Business model, Context, Code, Metadata, etc. One item can include other items. For example, the business models and the Jobs you design are items, metadata and routines you use inside your Jobs are items as well.


A Job is a graphical design, of one or more components connected together, that allows you to set up and run dataflow management processes. It translates business needs into code, routines and programs. Jobs address all of the different sources and targets that you need for data integration processes and all other related processes.


Metadata is information that describes the characteristics of any data object, such as its name, type, location, author, date created, size, and so on, together with relationships with other data objects that the enterprise has to manage or that an IT tool may generate. Metadata can be created manually or automatically by a system.


Projects are structured collections of items and their associated metadata. All of the Jobs and business models you design are organized in Projects.


A repository is the storage location Talend Studio uses to gather data related to all of the technical items that you use either to describe business models or to design Jobs.


A workspace is the directory where you store all your project folders. You need to have one workspace directory per connection (repository connection). Talend Studio enables you to connect to different workspace directories, if you do not want to use the default one.