Data Mapper: New Features - 6.4

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  • A new component, tHMapRecord, that lets you map records in a Spark Streaming environment. It takes one input connection from an upstream component, such as tKafkaInput, and can have one or many output connections to other components.

  • In the SAP IDoc importer, you can now choose between using the latest segment release or a previous one.

  • A new option has been added to the New Structure wizard for CSV files, which lets you generate a default header for files which do not have one.

  • For Spark components, when reading XML, JSON, IDOCS, EDI and HL7v2 files, the Start With option now lets you enter a regular expression to match the start of a record.

  • Avro files are now supported as input files for Spark components.

  • User interface enhancements have been made to the tHMap configuration wizard.