Context parameters naming for Microservices Deployments - 6.4

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During processing of context parameters for Microservices, be aware of the following two special topics that influence the processing of context parameter during the execution of Microservices. (only for Microservices but not for Talend Runtime)

  • Context parameter might be overwritten by OS environment variable which can lead to unexpected side effects. To avoid this, try to use unique names which are not in conflict with names you use in your OS environment.

    Among the following parameters, Spring Boot will take the OS environment variable as the first level variable of the highest priority. If you specified the variable with the same name as the system's, it will take system's.

    • Commandline arguments,

    • OS environment variables.

    • Application properties packaged inside your jar.

  • Context parameters with some characters, for example, underscore and numbers surrounded by underscores, will be treated according to the Spring Relaxed binding which can lead to unexpected behaviour for your Routes. See for the transformations and avoid these character and character combinations in your context parameter to prevent conflicts or use them accordingly to take advantage of this effect.