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For ease of use, one of the methods to get a Hadoop platform up quickly is to use a Virtual Appliance from one of the top Hadoop Distribution Vendors. Hortonworks provides a Virtual Appliance/Machine or a VM called the Sandbox that is fast and easy to set up. Using context variables, the samples Jobs within the Hortonworks_Sandbox_Samples folder of the demo project have been configured to work on Hortonworks Sandbox VM.

Below is a brief procedure of setting up the single-node VM with Hortonworks Sandbox on Oracle VirtualBox, which is recommended by Hortonworks. For details, see the documentation of the relevant vendors.

  1. Download the recommended version of Oracle VirtualBox from and the Sandbox image for VirtualBox from

  2. Install and set up Oracle VirtualBox by following Oracle VirtualBox documentation.

  3. Install the Hortonworks Sandbox virtual appliance on Oracle VirtualBox by following Hortonworks Sandbox instructions.

  4. In the [Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager] window, click Network, select the Adapter 1 tab, select Bridged Adapter from the Attached to list box, and then select your working physical network adapter from the Name list box.

  5. Start the Hortonworks Sandbox virtual appliance to get the Hadoop platform up and running, and check that the IP address assigned to the Sandbox virtual machine is pingable.

Then, before launching the demo Jobs, add an IP-domain mapping entry in your hosts file to resolve the host name sandbox, which is defined as the value of a couple of context variables in this demo project, rather than using an IP address of the Sandbox virtual machine, as this will minimize the changes you will need to make to the configured context variables.

For more information about context variables used in the demo project, see Understanding context variables used in the demo project.