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Failed to build a Job - maven setting

Prior to v6.0.0, a JRE was sufficient to build a Job, but since version 6.0.0, Talend Studio integrates with Maven and now requires a JDK to be installed. This article details one possible cause for a Job to fail building and provides the corresponding solution.

Talend products 6.0.0 version only.


A number of reasons can cause a job building to fail. In this article, only the maven related error is detailed.

Maven jars

At start up, the Talend Studio will check the status of the maven jars required for building job. If necessary, Talend Studio will try to download them automatically from the Internet. If the Maven jars are not downloaded successfully, you may fail to build job and the archive file may just not be created without any error.

First steps to take are to check your Java settings, network and user permissions and follow the resolution procedure below to solve the problem.


Maven jars required for building job need to be downloaded from the Internet. If the libraries fail to download for any reason, it makes it impossible to build Jobs. This issue was a known issue in v6.0.0 which has been fixed in version 6.0.1.

With v6.0.1 the Maven repository is delivered natively with the Talend Studio and already contains all Maven jars required. So the quickest resolution for this issue is to migrate to version 6.0.1 (or higher).

However if you don't plan to upgrade version, check the following points:

  • Make sure your Internet connection works fine.
  • If you're behind a Proxy, configure the proxy access in the Maven setting file. Refer to this article to do so: Configuring a proxy in the maven setting file .
  • Make sure you have right to access <user>/.m2 folder. Files with .lastUpdate under the <user>/.m2 folder (such as C:\Users\<user>\.m2 on Windows or /home/user/.m2 on Linux) , if not clean, may prevent the Maven jars to be (re-)downloaded. Try to clean up this file.
  • Click on Window –> Show view–>General , then open the Navigator view, expand .Java and open the pom.xml file, make sure that no error exists.
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