Performance issues during Tomcat startup and SVN checkout - 6.5

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Performance issues during Tomcat startup and SVN checkout

These performance issues happen when your SVN working copy is accessed through a symbolic link, for example if you have a symbolic link named myProjects in your home directory which links to /media/projects.

When you use the command svn status myProjects/projectName, the operation is a lot slower than when you use svn status /media/projects/projectName. For more information, see SVNKit FAQ.

This is a Subversion known issue that results in:

  • Slow startup of Tomcat server
  • Slow SVN checkout
  • The list of Jobs is not loaded on the Job Conductor page of Talend Administration Center


To solve this issue, you need to disable versioned symbolic links support.


  1. Make sure the Tomcat server is shut down.
  2. Edit the Tomcat startup file and add the line "-Dsvnkit.symlinks=false".
  3. Restart the Tomcat server. Tomcat and SVN performances should be significantly improved.