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The administration database server is used to store administration information and manage the persistence in Talend Administration Center. By default an embedded H2 database is used, but you can also use MySQL, MS SQL Server, or Oracle to store all cross-project data (users, projects, authorization, license, tasks, triggers, monitoring).

The administration database will be named <talend_administrator> in the rest of this document.

The <talend_administrator> administration database will contain all the data related to project information and administration including: administration data, project declaration, user declaration and authorization, task list, etc.

The tables in this database are automatically created when connecting for the first time to Talend Administration Center. The created tables include (among others):

  • a Users table,

  • a Projects table,

  • a Rights table.


These tables are created, populated and managed automatically by Talend, users do not need to take any action.

For more information on how to run Talend Administration Center on another database than the embedded H2, see Configuring Talend Administration Center to run on a different database than H2.