R2020-04 - 7.3

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

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Talend Data Fabric
Installation and Upgrade
Release Notes

The R2020-04 Studio monthly update contains bug fixes and new features.

This monthly update contains the features and fixes included in the previous monthly updates for 7.3.

For more information about the bugs fixed in the R2020-04 Studio monthly update and the installation procedure, see R2020-04.

Big Data: new features



Delta Lake metastore support for Spark Jobs

You can now interact with the Delta Lake metastore when using the Delta Lake components for read or write operations in Spark Batch.

Data Integration: new features



New options provided by tWriteXMLField, tCosmosDBOutput, and tMongoDBOutput

  • The tWriteXMLField component provides the Ignore service attributes for empty elements option.
  • The tCosmosDBOutput and tMongoDBOutput components provide the Ignore service attributes for empty elements and Create empty element if needed options.

Data Mapper: new features



Flattening map The flattening feature has been improved and now automatically maps your input hierarchical structure with a new flat output structure.
LoopIndex properties The LoopIndex function has new properties which allow you to configure the index calculation on an input or output loop.
CSV representation properties A new property in the CSV representation allows you to select whether you want to include the _osdtTerminator field in your structure.