Cloud - 6.1

Talend Data Management Platform Release Notes

Talend Data Management Platform
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Talend Studio

Support for AWS On-demand Integration Actions

Talend Studio now allows you to:

  • start/suspend/resume/stop a Redshift instance via tAmazonRedshiftManagement.

  • start/stop an EMR cluster via tAmazonEMRmanagement.

ServiceNow support

The Studio now supports ServiceNow via the following components:

  • tServiceNowConnection

  • tServiceNowInput

  • tServiceNowOutput

Upgraded NetSuite support

tNetsuiteInput and tNetsuiteOutput no longer have a hard coded endpoint address. You can now specify a Web Service URL to connect to a NetSuite server.

Salesforce version upgrade

Talend now supports Salesforce version 34.