Assigning reconciliation tasks - 6.3

Talend Data Stewardship Getting Started Guide

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Talend Data Stewardship

Once the campaign is created and tasks are loaded in it, the campaign owner can assign the tasks to any data steward part of the campaign.

This document also helps you getting familiar with the Talend Data Stewardship interface.

Before you begin

  • A campaign owner has defined data stewards in the campaign.

  • A campaign owner has loaded the tasks in the campaign. For detail, see Talend Components Reference Guide.

  • You have accessed Talend Data Stewardship as a campaign owner.

Getting familiar with the Talend Data Stewardship interface

Talend Data Stewardship web application has an easy-to-use interface which make your intervention on data easier than ever.

From the menu bar, you can interact with the content to navigate and access other pages for which you have the right according to the role assigned to you. The capture below shows these actions.

Before you begin

Log in as a campaign ownser or as a data steward.


  1. From the home page, open a task list.
  2. Use the menu items to navigate and access other pages for which you have the right according to the role assigned to you.

Assigning tasks


  1. In the home page, select MY CAMPAIGNS and point to the Reconciling client data campaign. Click the icon that displays ().
  2. In the list of unassigned tasks, hold the SHIFT key, select the tasks and either:
    • point to the data steward to whom to assign the tasks and click next to his/her name.

    • drop the selected tasks to a data steward in the left panel.

    You can use the charts displayed next to the task list to filter data and list only the task you want to assign to a specific data steward.
  3. Click UNASSIGNED TASKS in the top left corner to go back to the list of unassigned tasks and repeat the above steps to assign tasks to another data steward.


The selected tasks are moved to the list of the data steward. The number of tasks which show under the participant name in the left panel is the number of tasks assigned to him/her in the campaign.