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The artifact repository delivered by Talend and based on Sonatype Nexus is a preconfigured application centralizing the management and usage of the Software Update, User libraries and snapshots and releases repositories:

  • Software Update is used to manage application updates (patches) distributed by Talend. By default the talend-updates repository is embedded within Software Update and retrieves the updates published by Talend. This repository allows the user to visualize the updates available.

    For detailed information, see Software update repository.

  • The User libraries repository is used to store all external libraries. These libraries are retrieved by Talend Studio at start-up and shared with Talend Administration Center via the talend-custom-libs repository.

    For detailed information, see User Libraries repository.

  • The snapshots and releases repositories are used as a catalog in which all artifacts to be deployed and executed are stored. These artifacts are designed by the user from Talend Studio or any other Java IDE. By default, the snapshots repository is used for development purposes and the releases repository is used for production. These repositories make artifacts available for deployment and or execution in an execution server.

    For detailed information, see Snapshots and Releases artifact repositories.

Talend also support JFrog Artifactory to be used with Talend server modules. An archive containing Talend scripts to initialize the Artifact repository is delivered in the Talend Administration Center package.