Studio specific prerequisites - 6.1

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Installation and Upgrade Guide

Talend Open Studio for Big Data
Installation and Upgrade
Talend Studio

Some bulk components, like Oracle, Sybase, Informix or Ingres, require database client software to run properly.

Install the following utilities according to your needs:

  • OracleBulkExec uses the sqlldr external utility. This utility is available in Oracle clients that must be installed on the computer.

  • Informix uses the dbload external utility.

  • Ingres uses the sql external utility.

  • Sybase uses the bcp.exe external utility. This utility is asked for in the Sybase bulk components' Basic Settings view. For more information, see tSybaseBulkExec, tSybaseOutputBulk and tSybaseOutputBulkExec components on the appropriate Talend Components Reference Guide.