Transactions API integration - 6.3

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Transactions API can be integrated with data API.

For more information about the MDM transactions, see

Attaching a REST request to an existing transaction

Modifications made through the REST data API can be attached to a transaction created through the transactions API.

To attach a REST request to an existing transaction, you just need to set the custom HTTP header "transaction-id" to the id of the transaction. If the provided transaction id does not exist, it will be created.

For example:
PUT /talendmdm/services/rest/transactions, creates a new transaction and returns its id
POST /talendmdm/services/rest/data/Product (with transaction-id set to the id returned at step1), creates a new product but does not commit changes to the database
POST /talendmdm/services/rest/transactions/<id> commits the transactions and thus changes made at step 2

This feature also works with batch insert operation (/talendmdm/services/rest/data/Product/batch).