An example of how to execute an HTTP GET operation with MDM REST API from Talend MDM Web UI - 6.3

MDM query language and REST data access

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From Talend MDM Web UI, authorized users can use the Tools menu to access the MDM REST API documentation page based on Swagger, and test REST API operations on this page if needed.

The following introduces an example of executing an HTTP GET operation with MDM REST API to list all primary keys of the master data records in a container on the MDM server.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have already imported the MDM Demo project and created several master data records for the Product entity of the Product container.


  1. Open the REST API documentation page from Talend MDM Web UI.
  2. From the list of operations under the User data management category, click the GET link which is followed by /data/{containerName}/{type} to displays its details. You can also click Lists all primary keys for container and type to display the operation details.
  3. Select Master from the Container list.
  4. Enter Product in the containerName field.
  5. Enter Product in the type field.
  6. Click Execute to execute the GET operation.

    The HTTP request URL, response body, response code and response headers are displayed accordingly. In this example, all primary keys of the Product container are listed.

  7. To verify the execution result of this GET operation, go to the Master Data Browser page, then search the master data records of the Product container, and validate that the execution result matches the search result.