Read records - 6.3

MDM query language and REST data access

Data Governance > Consolidating data
Data Governance > Retrieving data
Talend MDM Server
Talend MDM Web UI

Read data records from the specified data container.

You can also retrieve a snapshot of a specific MDM record and navigate through the record history. For more information, see


PUT /data/{containerName}/query

Request URL


Query parameters

  • containerName: This is a String value which specifies the name of the data container from which you want to read data records.
  • containerType: This is a String value which represents the type of the data container. It is either ‘MASTER’ (default) or ‘STAGING’, which is not case sensitive.

Request Body

For more information about the query language, see Select clauses.


  • Content-Type: It must be application/json.
  • Authorization: Basic Authentication scheme
  • Accept: application/xml or application/json. The Accept header tells the server to return either JSON or XML content. By default, the result is returned in JSON format.

Response Body

The data record(s) you queried from the specified data container.