Delete a record (by query) - 6.3

MDM query language and REST data access

Data Governance > Consolidating data
Data Governance > Retrieving data
Talend MDM Server
Talend MDM Web UI
Delete one or more records that match the provided query.


PUT /data/{containerName}/delete

Request URL


The operations of deleting records by query will not generate entries in the UpdateReport.

Query parameters

  • containerName: This is a String value which specifies the name of the data container in which delete the queried data record(s).

Request Body

A query in JSON. For more information, see Select clauses.

For example, to delete all instances of Type1, use this query:

  "select": {
    "from": ["Type1"]

To delete Type1 instances where Type1/value1 is greater than 1, use this query:

  "select": {
    "from": ["Type1"],
    "where": {
      "gt": [
        {"field": "Type1/value1"},
        {"value": "1"}


  • Authorization: Basic Authentication scheme

Response Body

no content

Response Code

200 - If the operation is executed successfully, all records that match the provided query will be deleted.