Update a record - 6.3

MDM query language and REST data access

Data Governance > Consolidating data
Data Governance > Retrieving data
Talend MDM Server
Talend MDM Web UI
Updates a data record completely in the specified data container.


PUT /data/{containerName}

Request URL


Query parameters

  • containerName: This is a String value which specifies the name of the data container in which you want to update a data record.
  • containerType: This is a String value which represents the type of the data container. It is either ‘MASTER’ (default) or ‘STAGING’.

Request Body

An XML representation of the new data record you want to use to replace the existing one.

The id element(s) in the request body determine which record is to be updated.


  • Authorization: Basic Authentication scheme

Response Body

no content

Response Code

200 - If the operation is executed successfully, the whole data record will be replaced by the provided input. If you want to preserve some existing values, use the partial update operation instead. For more information, see Update a record partially.