Get an XML string of a document - 6.3

MDM query language and REST data access

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Get an XML string of a document.


GET /data/{containerName}/documents/{uniqueId}

Request URL


Query parameters

  • containerName: This is a String value which specifies the name of the data container from which you want to get an XML string of a document.
  • uniqueId: This is a String value which represents the unique id of the document.
  • encoding: It defaults to UTF-8 and represents the chart-set of the result.


  • Authorization: Basic Authentication scheme

Request Body

No content.

Response Body

A string which represents the record matching the provided ID.

For example, using http://localhost:8180/talendmdm/services/rest/data/Product/documents/Product.Product.S1?encoding=UTF-8 will return:

<ii><c>Product</c><dmn>Product</dmn><dmr/><sp/><t>1484275339047</t><taskId>null</taskId><i>S1</i><p><Product><Id>S1</Id><Name>Shirt</Name><Description>A Shirt</Description><Features><Sizes><Size>Small</Size></Sizes><Colors><Color>White</Color></Colors></Features><Price>11.99</Price><Family>[1]</Family><OnlineStore>Talend Shop@@</OnlineStore><Stores></Stores></Product></p></ii>

Response Code

200 - If the operation is executed successfully, the record that matches the provided ID will be returned as a string.