What is the difference between Built-In and Repository - 7.1

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What is the difference between Built-In and Repository

  • Built-in: all information is stored locally in the Job. You can enter and edit all information manually.
  • Repository: all information is stored in the repository.
You can import read-only information into the Job from the repository. If you want to modify the information, you must take one of the following actions:
  • Convert the information from Repository to Built-in and then edit the built-in information.
  • Modify the information in the Repository. Once you have made the changes, you are prompted to update the changes into the Job.

In which case to use Built-In and Repository:

  • Use Built-In for information that you only use once or very rarely.
  • Use Repository for information that you want to use repeatedly in multiple components or Jobs, such as a database connection.