Re-installing JobServer - 6.3

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Before proceeding, make sure you have stopped your JobServer and backed up the JobServer installation directory to the location of your choice.

You are now ready to re-install your JobServer(s) on the relevant systems as described in the Talend Installation Guide.


  • Talend JobServer is not compatible with Talend Studio versions prior to 6.0.

  • This re-installation is NOT mandatory and depends on the compatibility between the Talend Administration Center application and the existing JobServer. For a detailed list of compatibilities between these two applications, see the Talend Installation Guide.

  • For re-installation, it is recommended to create a new directory and thus to use a new path for your JobServer(s).

To move the generated Jobs from the old JobServer to the new JobServer after re-installing, move the <old_jobserver_path>/TalendJobServerFiles directory to the <new_jobserver_path>/TalendJobServerFiles directory.