Creating a Job to write stewardship tasks in a Merging campaign - 6.4

Data Stewardship

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Create a Job which connects to the Talend Data Stewardship server and writes data records in the form of tasks into a Merging campaign.

Before you begin

  • The campaign in which you want to write the tasks is already defined on the Talend Data Stewardship server and its schema well defined.

  • The tasks you want to write must have the same schema defined in the campaign.

  • You have been assigned in Talend Administration Center the Campaign Owner role which grants you access to the campaigns on the server.


  1. In the design workspace, start typing tDataStewardshipTaskOutput and select this component from the list that opens.
  2. Do the same to add a tFileInputDelimited, tMatchGroup and tMap components onto the workspace.
  3. In the Advanced settings of tMatchGroup, select the Separate output check box to have different output flows for unique, matches and suspect records.
    This enables you to exclude unique records when loading data to Talend Data Stewardship and decide to load either match or suspect records or both.
  4. Link tMatchGroup to tMap using theMatches link, and link the other components together using the Row > Main link.