Configuring SVN polling in Talend Studio

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When working in an SVN managed project, you can configure whether to allow the Studio to automatically check for new commits on the SVN at a certain time interval using the configuration file of your Talend Studio.

This way, you can easily share your settings with others.

  1. Open the configuration file \configuration\config.ini under the installation directory of your Talend Studio.

  2. Add the following two lines:<value>


    If you set to false, the time interval setting will not work, and the Studio updates the SVN for each operation it makes. This slows down the Studio but reduces the number of requests on the SVN server.

    When is set to true, it is recommended to limit the time interval to 30 (seconds) to avoid possible issues with the SVN.

  3. Restart your Talend Studio for the configuration to take effect.

Once these properties are set in the config.ini file, these settings will replace the corresponding preference settings at each startup of the Studio.

For more information on configuring SVN polling in the [Preferences] dialog box, see the section Performance preferences (Talend > Performance) of your Talend Studio User Guide at