Setting up a local connection in Talend Studio - Cloud - 7.3

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Talend Studio allows you to create a local connection so that you can work on your projects locally.


  1. Launch Talend Studio.
  2. In the Talend Studio login window, click Manage Connections to open the Connections window.
  3. In the Connections window, click the + button to create a new connection.
  4. Select Local from the Repository list.
  5. Enter the name for the connection in the Name field.
  6. If needed, enter the description for the connection in the Description field.
  7. Enter your user account in the User E-mail field.
  8. Specify the directory for your local workspace in the Workspace field.
    Warning: Make sure that the path of your workspace directory contains no space or special characters, which may cause Talend Studio to fail to work because of JVM compatibility issues.
  9. Click OK.
    You can now select the newly created connection from the On connection drop-down list in the Talend Studio login window, and then select an existing project, create a new project, or import a demo or existing project according to your needs.